Monday, October 7, 2013

Ayam masak kantan

Seem ages since I last wrote. Almost forgotten how to put  words into sentences and how to arrange the sentences to form understandable phrases. I guess I've been gone too long.

My love for food and photography is still the same.  No less.
Just that I have lost some of the rhythms that I once had. Nonetheless every now and then when I feel the situation is appropriate , I just had my fun time.  Like I did when I cooked this dish.

I call it ayam masak kantan because the sauce is full of bunga kantan flavour.
Cooking this dish is no far different from cooking masak lemak cili api. Just a little bit of alteration here and there, it becomes a completely different version.
I love it.  Love the taste. Love the aroma too.

You need:
1 whole chicken cut into small sizes
1 box of santan or extraction of coconut milk from 1 coconut.
15 bird eye chilis (cili api) *
5 shallots (bawang merah)*
2 garlics *
1 inch galangal (lengkuas)
1 inch ginger
2 lemon grass (serai)
1/2 in tumeric * (or you can use tumeric powder)
2 potatoes, quatered
1 stalk bunga kantan cut into halve
6 pieces of kafir lime leaves (daun limau purut)
1 tsp chicken stock powder
1 asam keping

- In a mortar pounder, grind those marked * until becomes a fine paste. You can also used blender but make  sure not to put in much liquid.
- Flatten galangal, ginger and lemon grass with the head of the mortar pounder.
- Heat enough oil. Fry the grounded paste until fragrance.
- Put in galangal, ginger, lemon grass and kafir lime leaves. Stir until cooked and fragance.
- Put in the chicken and cook until it changes colours.
- Pour in santan, stir.
- Put in potatoes and bunga kantan
- When potatoes are soft, put in asam keping.
Dont forget your salt.

Well, as easy as that.
See you at the dinner table.



Gee® said...

Wow! mengancam....

Acik Erna said...

kak nak bagi resepi kek sapo tu..steven ko..robert ko he he

Rohah said...

harum menyengat satu kuali baunya ni..

Unknown said...

Dah la Sham poso ni.. ngancam tul la Bundo.
Tp mmg buleh dibayangkan tu.
Masak lomak cili api lopeh tu boh bungo kantan.. umang aiiii.. sodap tu Bundo.

Unknown said...

adoiii bonda, menyamcam betul lah ayam kantan tu..

Unknown said...

kelihatannya sangat enak !

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