Monday, August 13, 2012

Air Soya

Soya drink especially cold is one of the most sought after drinks during the month of ramadhan. Hawkers are making their wallets thick and swollen just by selling soya drink. But if I were to chose, I'll chose not to buy the one that is sold at bazar ramadhan because it is too liquidize with water and the sugar content is so high that makes you want to add more water to it and thus bring the taste down to near zero soya.

I prefer my home made soya drink better. It is thick, creamy and we can control the sweetness we want to it. Lucky for me that I have my maid to do all the 'blendering' and squeezing.

To make it is as simple as abc.
All you need is:
1/2 kilo soy bean
adequate water
sugar to your liking
4 pandan leaves
pouch for squeezing the juice out 

Soak the soy bean for a few hours until it is soft and tender.
In batches, blend the bean together with small amount of water. Do so until all the beans are blended.
Also in batches, put the already-blended-beans in a pouch ( I sew one, size approximately 9in x 7 in). Squeeze out the juice and discard the remains.
Boil together with pandan leaves.  Add sugar to your taste.

There you have it.  Soy drink fresh from your kitchen.



norhanim md zain said...

Assalam ibundo..dlm berjenis jenis minuman air soya carta No 1..utk saya.Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri.

Amie said...

Amie boleh kenyang minum segelas air soya tau Bundo... selamat menyambut raya Bundo!

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